Wok Recipes

stir fry shrimp wok recipeThousands of years ago, Chinese chefs learned of a cooking method that allowed them to prepare healthy food quickly and easily using the ever versatile wok. There is an abundant supply of recipes that bring out the best in this authentic Chinese cooking utensil including techniques for steaming, boiling and stir-fry.

If you have made it here and do not have a wok to get started with please take a look at our authentic Chinese cookware and select a steel wokcast iron wok  or hand hammered wok that’s right for you.

Most wok recipes feature healthy ingredients that can easily be obtained at a local super market or Asian markets in your area. Please see the recipes categories to the right to help find the perfect dish for your family and remember each of these recipes is best served from a authentic Chinese wok.

noodle and beef wok recipeHere we have a list of Wok recipes designed to help you get to know your Wok Woks cookware and please the family while doing so. No matter what you are in the mood for, we will have a wok recipe for you that is easy, fun to prepare and full of flavor. Please stop by frequently as we update our list and also add favorites from famous chefs across Asia.

If you would like to contribute to our ever growing list of recipes with one of your own, feel free to email it over, we will happily add it to wokwoks.com and even give it a try ourselves.



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