Carbon Steel Woks

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Our line of Carbon Steel Woks are a favorite, and can be found in top notch restaurants all across China. Carbon Steel is the preferred choice when speed, consistency, and rapid heating and cooling are required to meet commercial demand. Our Steel Woks will take on seasoning fast, taste great every time and do not require heavy cleaning. Proper seasoning is very easy and a Carbon steel wok is great for almost any dish.

You could easily use this as your everyday go to pan in place of a traditional western frying pan. The carbon steel wok is available in many different varieties including the more authentic eared style handle, pan style handle and with flat or round bottoms which are suitable for open fires. Steel woks are lighter then the comparable Cast Iron and are tough enough for the most demanding commercial kitchen yet just as suitable for the home chef as well. Our line of carbon steel woks will compliment any setting and last a lifetime. Also see our line of Cast Iron Woks  and Hand Hammered Woks for more options.

Seasoning a Carbon Steel Wok

To properly season a steel wok, keep in mind that it can take a little time to truly achieve the perfect flavor. Our Cookware is designed to bring out a hardy and flavorful seasoning in the quickest amount of time possible. If used frequently, your wok will have a natural great taste and deliver consistently with every wok recipe. While oil is the most common method, we recommend using a solid vegetable shorting for your pans first seasoning for best results.

Start by heating your steel wok on a high heat until you see a slight color change, then bring to a medium low heat. Second add a thin layer of shorting or oil and spread evenly over the woks cooking surface. Continue to heat at this temperature for about 10-12 minutes, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. This should leave behind a black residue on your cloth. Repeat this until the cloth is no longer taking on the black residue and your wok is now ready for it’s first dish.