Cast Iron Woks

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The Cast Iron Wok Woks line is made in the Original Chinese tradition, and is still considered by many to be the best all purpose Cookware for Asian Cuisine. While many may be put off by Cast Iron Woks thinking they will be extremely heavy, this is not always the case. with our new manufacturing techniques that allow for the same even heating that would normally only be found in a more traditional ultra thick pans, our Cast Iron Woks weigh only slightly more then our carbon steel wok lines making them very easy to handle and the perfect solution for the chef wishing to go back to the original roots.

Our Cast Iron Woks will form a beautiful, stable carbonized layer of seasoning that prevents your food from sticking and allows for an even fry throughout the dish. Our Cast Iron Woks are designed to retain heat at a superior level and are perfect for at home use or professional restaurant kitchens. Our Cast Iron Wok line is built to withstand constant use and metal utensils.


Seasoning a Cast Iron Wok

When seasoning a Cast Iron Wok, it is important to keep in mind that it may take a while to truly break in. All of our cookware is designed to take on a rich and flavorful seasoning in the shortest amount of time possible, and the best method is to simply cook after the initial seasoning of the pan and let the wok take on a flavor over time as naturally as possible. We recommend using a solid vegetable shortening for the first seasoning and covering the bottom and sides then heating upside down until a blackening has occurred.  After use, heat on the stove until the wok is completely dry, then add in a few drops of oil and rub through the pan. Over time, the wok will build a nice stable seasoning with will deliver a n excellent flavor for years to come with any wok recipe.

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