About Our Woks

Our desire is to deliver the highest quality authentic Chinese cookware available today. As our sole focus is on woks alone, you can rest assured that we deliver only the best carbon steel and traditional cast iron cookware that will meet the demands of today’s most discerning Chefs.

Used in the kitchens of executive chefs all through out China, our authentic woks are hands down the best you will ever use. Experience the difference in your kitchen today.


What is a Wok?

cast iron wokTypically used in Chinese cooking, a wok is a bowl-shaped frying pan that is versatile enough to handle a variety of cooking tasks, including roasting, smoking, soup making, stewing, braising, searing, poaching, deep frying, stir frying, baking, steaming, and boiling. Used in conjunction with long handled spatula or ladle, master chefs can create culinary masterpieces to please even the most discerning palates.

Woks are one of the most widely used cooking utensils in China and many parts of Asia. Usually forged from carbon steel or cast iron, the wok is a relatively affordable cooking utensil that can prepare large portions of food on a single burner. If only cooking small portions of food, the bowl shape design is just as handy because it doesn’t force the chef to “chase the food around” like one would if cooking on a pan. The chef only need place the desired portion of food for the meal at hand and rest assured knowing that no matter how much the food is stirred or tossed, that it will always fall to the evenly hot center of the pan. Traditional woks are made from cast iron and cast iron is still a favorite amongst professional chefs the world over. The cast iron versions are favored for even heating and affordability.


History of the Wok

Using a Wok with open flameBelieved to have been invented sometime between 3000 BCE and 1300 CE, the name of the true inventor has been forever lost to time. Along with being one of the most versatile cooking utensils in the modern kitchen, the wok is also one of the most resilient cooking instruments in history. Despite being such an old implement, the design has remained largely unchanged in the thousands of years it has existed. The biggest changes to occur were the addition of pot style handles on either side, then came the addition of a pan style handle on only one side. When electric stoves were invented, the adaptation of a flat and hollow base were added so that the pan could be placed over an electric stove burner and cook just as well as a rounded bottom over an open flame.


Best Woks for Cooking

There are factions of strict cooking masters who utterly deplore woks made of certain materials. Some say carbon steel are the best, others side with cast iron. Among the masters, woks constructed of metals like aluminum, copper, or stainless steel don’t even come close to their carbon steel or cast iron cousins. For the regular home chef, however, any style will do; so long as it is accompanied by the right kind of burner. Placing a rounded wok on an electrical burner can deflect heat back into and cause damage to an electric stove. If cooking on an electric stove, the best type of wok to use is one with a flat base. See carbon steel wokscast iron woks  and hand hammered woks to find the cookware that’s right for you.


Healthy Cooking

For healthier cooking, many woks are now being offered with non stick coatings. Unfortunately, these non stick versions don’t work as well as carbon steel and will not deliver a seasoning like a more traditional pan. Nonstick coatings and healthy cooking are a bit of a myth and you will find that when using the proper oils, your cooking will be just as healthy as always.

Aside from metal, handle, and base varieties, the only other consideration to keep in mind when acquiring the best wok for your kitchen is size. Woks come in a variety of sizes from the small to the enormous, in some restaurants they are several feet wide and can cook meals for multiple dinner parties at once, while small woks take up less than a square foot of counter-top space. Determine whether or not you’ll be cooking for large groups of people at once or just cooking wok recipes for you and close family. Which ever way you lean when cooking with a wok, we have the right product for you.